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Keep warm to beat the winter chill

Winter Sitges Barcelona Spain

Tips on Keeping Warm

Beat the chill & survive to the summer

It’s not cold compared to the UK, sure, but Sitgetans are used to the warm!
Try these suggestions to keep warm:

  1. Put on warmed shoes (on rad with caution)
    Cold footwear will keep your feet cold & you, overall
  2. Keeping your tummy warm, matters
    Warmer torso, drives heat from your arms & legs
  3. Keep Hands out of Pockets
    Swing hands by your side, whilst walking, for a warming workout
  4. Breath through your Nose
    Breathing out via your mouth, feels less warm
  5. Fleece Hat over the Ears
    Rather than wool just on the head, as it traps air, minimising a potential 30% loss of heat. Especially on the occasional day, without Sitges sun.
  6. Eat Protein
    Digesting it raises body temperature significantly, compared to carbohydrates or fats (e.g. porridge with soya milk for breakers: Nuts too!)
  7. No Caffeine
    Drink decaf tea or coffee, as Caffeine prevents blood vessels constricting in the cold. Drink decaffeinated or herbal drinks (ginger tea has natural warming properties)
  8. Socialise & Share Good Memories
    Being alone feels colder & nostalgia warms the soul
  9. Heating, not Too High
    Going from warm house to the cold outdoors is bad.
    Don’t overheat the house above 20c
  10. Exercise in Bed!
    Warms you up, ready to get out. Anything goes, but circling your ankle and toe pointing, up and down. Is easy. Bum clenches are ok too.
  11. Moisturise, especially if dry
    Inflamed, angry skin, loses heat

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Keep warm to beat the winter chill

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