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Free Wifi in Sitges (30 mins)

Wifi Sitges and ATSPS (Association of Tourist Services of beaches of Sitges) reached agreement to offer a WiFi zone in various Bars and Beaches. Next

  • 6 MB is hoped
  • Wi-Fi hotspots installed throughout Sitges
  • Look out for a signal called WifiSitges
  • free 30 minutes connect (it recognises your device)
  • On screen options to purchase time there-after
  • Outlets to buy vouchers
    Chiringuito Benapres PHONE: 660 09 82 16
    Chiringuito Bleda PHONE: 686.77.17.98
    Xiringuito la Fragata PHONE: 687 54 75 67
    Pic-Nic Restaurant PHONE: 93.811.00.40
    Bar Magma PHONE: 93.811.00.12
    Hotel La Niña PHONE: 93.811.21.00
    Platja Maria PHONE:
    Zak Woman PHONE: 93.811.60.10
    Xiringuito la Barra PHONE:

Near the Melia Hotel?

Contact us at for Discounted Wifi around the Melia Hotel Sitges, via our own office router.

£15€ for 3 days or £25€ for 1 week

Connection is as you find it.

Payment will be via PayPal or cash, if you have no Internet, if we are around.

Payment details and code for connection sometimes sent immediately, if we are availiable.

Thank you

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