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Set in the gardens of this historic castle, these summer events make a fantastic change and a great day, or just an evening, out from Sitges (around 42.0 km, 40 mins from Sitges) Carretera de Montjuïc, Barcelona, Spain

SCREENINGS: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 20.30.

OPEN AIR CINEMA : English Films 2013

Admission: 6€ (Optional Deck-chair rental: 3€) *

Want company? The Sitges Book Club may be going one night

* If it rains, the organisation will not return the entrance fee nor the deckchair rental fee. However, if the session is cancelled for technical reasons, the entrance will be valid for another day if the ticket is shown at the ticket sales.

TICKETS SALES: 2,000 tickets available at the box office each day starting at 20.30 and advance sales on their website (Sala Montjuïc :, links alongside movies below, or via mobile app. (tickets are limited) * Limited Places

ACCESS Venue: Montjuic Castle gardens, moat Santa Eulalia

→ You can access by car, motorcycle, bike or cable car.
→ Service of TMB launched in December of them towers of the Plaza de España from them 20:30 (Free integrated with rate BMR). Only when download is finished the movie role.

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around 42.0 km, 40 mins from Sitges

English Films
(check for latest Info: Sala Montjuïc :

Screenings start at 10 pm after nightfall.



Nicolas Winding Refn, USA, 2011The Driver lives a double life. By day, he works as a film stunt driver, by night he hires out as a getaway car driver for armed heists. However, his life undergoes a radical change when he meets his beautiful neighbour Irene, who lives with her young son whilst her husband is in prison.

A stunning film, violent, bloody and intense, that has viewers on the edge of their seats from the opening scene to the end.


Drive trailer



West Side Story

Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins, EEUU, 1961In the poor tenements of West Side in New York in the early-60s, two rival gangs of youths, the Sharks and the Jets, are fighting it out for supremacy on the street. One night, violence breaks out when the gangs clash at a dance.

The winner of 10 Oscars, this superb updated version of Romeo and Juliet is considered one of the most outstanding musicals in movie history.


West Side Story - trailer



Take Shelter

Jeff Nichols, USA, 2011

Curtis LaForche lives in a small Ohio town with his wife and young daughter. He begins to have terrifying dreams about an encroaching, apocalyptic storm and decides to protect his family by building a storm shelter in their backyard. But he is assailed by doubt: what is he protecting them against – the supposed storm, or himself?


This enigmatic, disturbing film features a superb performance by Michael Shannon. One of the most pleasant surprises amongst recent US indie movies.


Take Shelter - trailer



Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson, USA, 2012Años 60, Estados Unidos. Dos amantes adolescentes huyen de su pueblo y hacen despertar antiguas historias de amor y odio entre sus This film is set in the United States in the 1960s. Two teenage lovers flee their homes, awakening old stories of love and hate amongst the neighbours and relatives who turn out to look for them.

Superbly made, Moonrise Kingdom takes us back to teenage days, to first love, with humour, sensitivity and a generous helping of director Wes Anderson’s trademark surrealist touch.


Moonrise Kingdom - trailer




Billy Wilder, USA, 1972Wendell Armbruster, an American businessman, is forced to travel to Italy when his father dies in a car accident there. On his arrival, he discovers that his father had a mistress, a revelation that turns his world up-side down. Things get even more complicated when the mistress’s daughter enters the scene…

A delightful, superbly-plotted Billy Wilder comedy featuring superb performances from the leading actors.


Avanti! - trailer



Source Code

Duncan Jones, USA, 2011Captain Colter Stevens awakens in the body of a time traveller whose mission is to live through a train bombing over and over again until he discovers who is responsible. Complications set in when he becomes emotionally involved with a fellow passenger on the train…

After Moon, his successful debut, David Bowie’s director son surprises us with this imaginative mind game in which the spectator must discover the “source code”.


Código fuente - trailer



Monsieur Lazhar

Philippe Falardeau, Canada, 2011Bechir Lazhar, a 55-year-old Algerian immigrant, is hired by a Montreal school to replace a teacher who has died in strange circumstances. In his new job, he begins to employ unusual teaching methods with a class of shaken but endearing kids, changing their lives.

In this blend of comedy and tragedy, infused with poetry and elegance, Monsieur Lazhar’s wisdom and ability go beyond teaching his pupils to awaken the viewer’s conscience.


Profesor Lazhar - trailer



Citizen Kane

Orson Welles, USA, 1941“Rosebud” is the last word uttered by Kane, a major US magnate, on his death-bed. This enigmatic valediction causes a media frenzy, and a group of journalists begins investigating with a view to solving the mystery.

Orson Wells’ masterpiece, considered one of the greatest films in cinema history.


Citizen Kane - trailer



Donnie Darko

Richard Kelly, USA, 2001Donnie is a smart, imaginative young American boy who, having survived almost certain death, begins to have a series of hallucinations that take him into a strange world unlike anything in his wildest dreams.

A fascinating psychodrama that has quickly become a cult film, particularly amongst young spectators.


Donnie Darko - trailer



Surprise movie

This year’s surprise movie …. a surprise. Be surprised by a film memorable title.


ALL CONCERTS START AT 21.00 : Stage sponsored by Damm.
30 JUNE Pixie Dixie Jazz
01 JULY Natalia Boechat Quartet Brazilian music, Barcelona
03 JULY Sant Andreu Jazz Band Jazz
05 JULY Anna Luna Lucas Quintet Bossa nova / Jazz
10 JULY Biel Ballester Trio Jazz
12 JULY Thais Morell Brazilian music
15 JULY JazzIn’ Time (jazz vocal) Jazz
17 JULY Clara Luna Quartet Jazz
19 JULY Swingapur Jazz
22 JULY Joan Vidal Sextet Jazz
24 JULY Tenderete Contemporary flamenco
26 JULY Anna Herrero Bossa nova / Jazz
29 JULY Venancio y los Jóvenes de Antaño Cuban music
31 JULY El colectivo Jazz
02 AUGUST Leslie Hespert Cuarteto Jazz
05 AUGUST Hop’s Trio Jazz / Swing
07 AUGUST Chino & The Big Bet Blues / Swing

Barcelona Open Air Cinema Sala Montjuic : Barcelona Open Air Cinema Sala Montjuic : Barcelona Open Air Cinema Sala Montjuic : Barcelona Open Air Cinema Sala Montjuic

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