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December 3rd , 2013 → 1:48 pm @

Sitges full moon kids cancer run walk

Congratulations to all involved in ‘Nits de la LLuna Plena’

€15,028 for the Social Work of St. John of God (Sant Joan De Déu els)

In a ‘Children’s Cancer Research Laboratory’ at San Juan de Dios Hospital.

Given by main organisers:

Race was held on the full moon at 18th October (more)
1,300 runners and 150 volunteers
Donations from individuals representing 80% of the total
Participants walked 6 km from the Sitges promenade to the rugby field

In memory of Pol Lahoz, a Sitges teenager who developed cancer at 14 years, with his father, Xavier Lahoz & wife, being one of the main promoters of the initiative. Helped by Basketball Club Sitges & friends.

Mayor Miquel Forns announced the City Council will support a repeat next year and onwards. To make it a regular fixture.

Next year’s race, scheduled to be held the weekend of the full moon in March (more).

Supporters are sought, with the promise of recognition.

Ajuntament de Sitges

Video cursa lluna plena

Fotos cursa lluna plena sitges

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