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Sitges Minigolf Pitch & Putt

January 28th , 2015 → 10:46 am @ // Comments Off on Sitges Minigolf Pitch & Putt

Open in summer ( 10am to Midnight) Bar for parents to relax whilst the kids play! Weekends 10am-8pm from 1st weekend in March, then daily from 23rd June, until winter closure (often November) Carretera de Vilanova s/n, Paseo Vilanova, 138, Sitges Mini golf course Trampolines Ping pong Pool Table Location

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Subsidies for entrepreneurs & freelancers Breakfast July 31st

July 28th , 2014 → 2:32 pm @ // Comments Off on Subsidies for entrepreneurs & freelancers Breakfast July 31st

New subsidies to improve competitiveness of Sitges enterprises Jordi Mas (Councillor Competitiveness and Employment) Business breakfast July 31st Gardens of the Casino Prado € 195,000 to promote employment in the city of Sitges Create new synergies between entrepreneurs, business owners & unemployed 3 initiatives for hiring the unemployed Help with monthly cost of funding the Special Self-Employed Social […]

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Vallpineda route & new stops on Sitges Local L1 Buses

November 11th , 2013 → 3:25 pm @ // Comments Off on Vallpineda route & new stops on Sitges Local L1 Buses

From Monday 11 November 2013, the little blue bus L1 from Sitges station to Valpineda, are extending their service. With a new section of stops that will cover the top of the Vallpineda development. (which will have four new stops). Same times (we understand), from 6:45 to 20:45 pm. Same frequency of 30 minutes. It […]

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World Time Zones for Sitges, Barcelona

November 19th , 2012 → 12:18 pm @ // No Comments

List of cities & time zones: Zone1: -12:00 International Date Line West Zone2: -11:00 Midway Island, Samoa Zone3: -10:00 Hawaii Zone4: -09:00 Alaska Zone5: -08:00 Pacific Time (US & Canada); Tijuana Zone6: -07:00 Arizona Zone7: -07:00 Chihuahua, La Paz, Mazatlan Zone8: -07:00 Mountain Time (US & Canada) Zone9: -06:00 Central America Zone10: -06:00 Central Time […]

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List of Sitges Businesses & Addresses

September 13th , 2012 → 9:57 am @ // No Comments : For locals, businesses and tourists Hotel Antemare Nova Dimension Sl, Av. Virgen De Montserrat 48-50 , 08870 Sitges Yamaha Motor Center Bcn S.a., Aiguadolç (Amarres), S/N , 08870 Sitges Barcelona Friac S.a., Ctra Sant Pere De Ribes 44 , 08870 Sitges Barcelona Fideicomisaria De Exportaciones Sl, Urb. Santa Barbara S/N , 08870 Sitges […]

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